We’re Moving Up, Nothing’s Gonna Hold Us Back!

That is the Summer chant for our W.E. MOVE! students. W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group provides a customized tutoring service for school-aged children who require additional assistance for academic challenge. W.E. MOVE! TG operates after school and as a Summer Camp providing innovative tutoring plans for prek-5th grade level youth based on the individual learning style and personality to promote information retention and academic progress.

W.E. MOVE! tutors are determined to see progress; to work with students, parents and teachers to push past every barrier and towards academic success.

One-on-One Tutoring

Each student is assigned to two tutors, one on Mondays and Wednesdays and another on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This mix of support offers the added benefits of various learning styles and mentorship.

Customized Sessions

Student tutoring sessions are customized to fit their learning style and academic needs. Once registered a parent meeting is schedule to discuss your young scholar’s needs, challenges and reports from teachers, counselors and other professionals who are working to support your student’s academic growth and development.

Monthly Reporting

At the end of each session tutors complete a daily log complete with information on how your student responded to the days activities, academic successes and any challenges they’ve observed during the session. These notes along with an overview from the Director is composed monthly for your review.

This was Summer number two that my son has been a part of W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group. The teachers are amazing and work so hard to teach these kids in their own individual styles. Oakley not only survived second grade, but he conquered it—all thanks to this tutoring group. As we approach third grade, I have full confidence that he will conquer this too. Most importantly he has the confidence to overcome his learning disabilities and prove that he can do it. There will never be the right words to say how impactful this team has been in our lives and my sons. These kids are being given the opportunity to be bigger, better and more successful academically and as people.

Tina Scheider, W.E. MOVE! Mom since 2018

This was my very first semester with these young brilliant minds. I would definitely have to say I enjoyed every single minute with them. Helping and building these students to perform at their greatest potential was the best part!

Kim Williams, W.E. MOVE! Tutor, GS Political Science Major

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Fall 2022 Session
– October TBA – December 9 @ WE MOVE @ the Y!

Spring 2023 Session
– February 6 – May 12 @ WE MOVE @ the Y!

Summer 2023 Session
– June 12 – July 7 @ WE MOVE @ Y!