Looking for an academic support system for your preK-8th student?

W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group is your solution!

*Fall & Spring Registration include up to 8 hours of tutoring over 4 days each week and a W.E. MOVE! box of tutoring materials customized to fit the needs of your young scholar.

Summer & Fall Registration Open Now!

After school your student will gain a hands-on academic experience each week with 2 tutors as their guide. Monday – Thursday your student will work through academic skills in the form of games, hands-on activities, practice pages and the contents of the W.E. MOVE! Tutor Box. Fridays are Fun Days for mentorship lead by Georgia Southern student organizations!
Your student will receive:
-Academic Content Area Support
-Testing Strategies
-Identification of Scholar Deficits
-Academic Monitoring & Assessment
– Homework Assistance

*Summer Tutoring Camp Registration (preK-8th grade students) includes up to 15 hours of customized tutoring each week, a W.E. MOVE! box of tutoring materials, STEM & Art activities and academic field trips each week.

| Income Based Scholarships Now Available! See below for details. |

Once the scholarship form is complete you will be contacted by a W.E. MOVE! representative with next steps to register.

Income Based Scholarships Available!

Our goal is academic support for every youth who needs help! If you are in need of financial assistance we have a scholarship program for qualifying families. This program is income based and depends on the number of sponsors and grants we obtain each semester.

A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to local businesses and organizations for your support!

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